SEPA Solutions

Debit your clients or your members, pay your suppliers and your employees,
simply using SEPA* Direct Debits and Credit Transfers as well as other payment instruments which we can integrate.

You may choose to transmit payment files to your bank yourself, or let us send them automatically through a secure channel (eBICS remote transmission).
A recapitulative document is provided when each file is issued.
*Single European Payments Area

Collect payment with Direct Debit SEPA

We adapt to your processes, so you can :

  • Plan and automate the Direct Debits (DD) of your clients thanks to DD schedules (amount, duration),
  • Enter directly one-off DD or outstanding DD (bounces)
  • Upload files (xls ou cvs) of payment orders, manually or through an automated interface with your applications
Take advantage of an easy set up
– Obtain your SEPA creditor Id (ask to your bank)
– We set up your DD mandates with your logo (to be signed by your debtors) and we parameter the DD XML files as expected by your bank (SEPA Direct Debit, norma ISO 20022)
You can start to make your client pay with direct debits !
You can view and control daily exchanges, click to see the detail of the files, and the details of transactions

SEPA Smile offer Includes the above functionalities,
To go further
SEPA 360° Offer includes in addition the rejects/returns (R-transactions) management, i e the monitoring of outstanding payments (bounces), With the smart tools to pilot the automatic re-issuing of DD depending on reason code, and issuing of accounting events (for tracking) with the file format of your accounting application and complete integration within GED, CRM … according to your requests.

Pay with SEPA Credit Transfer

We simplify your payments with CT

  • Manage the CT beneficiaries list : enter data or upload the list with name and IBAN(one time only)
  • Enter your CT : no need to enter IBAN, only amount and beneficiary
  • You can also upload CT orders files (xls ou cvs), manually or through an automated interface with your application
We secure your credit transfers
The beneficiary list prevents circulation of your clients IBAN
You choose among your bank accounts which one will be debitted
You can parameter the level of validation for the credit transfers (entered or uploaded) : 2 validation levels are possible depending on thresholds of amount. Users at 2 levels of hierarchy can control.
The file issued for your bank contains SEPA Credit Transfer, an XML format normalized ISO 20022.

SEPA SMILE Offer includes all the above functionnalities,
In addition SEPA 360° Offer allows you to get the R-transactions from banks, issue accounting events and automate customized interfaces with your applications.