SEPA solution for banks

Competitive and quickly configured, APToSEPABank is a strong and efficient platform which manages interbank exchanges and can be implemented in Cloud mode or hosted on your servers.
All kinds of in/out formats are possible :
– SWIFT MT/FIN and MX ISO 20022,
– SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debit B2B/Core
as well as legacy formats, cfonb, VIR2000, DTA etc..
This platform acts as smart intermediation between you, the Bank, and your leading Bank or the Clearing System (CSM).
Your information system can manage all interbank exchanges without modifications (XML formats / legacy formats).
Our software respects EPC’s rulebooks for SDD Core and B2B, SCT and all R-transactions for interbank formats (pacs. and camt.).
Security and audit trail are our main concerns :
All transactions treated are tracked on a “log” file and reported to an accounting/General ledger.
Controls services, reports and alerts are customizable.

Additional modules complete the set of services, but tailored developments are possible.

Fast deployment, easy to adapt to your needs and context, APToSEPAbank is a very competitive solution.

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