Enterprises invoicing

Optimize your invoicing campaigns with the APtoFACT module, fully integrated into our payments platform

With a unique process, invoices are issued and direct debits related to this collection are activated. Transactions references help to match invoices and payments.

We simply set up the interfaces with your sales (or operations management) applications, whatever the flow formats, our solution APToFACT generates your PDF of invoices. We only need to get a few data from the flows (date, client id, articles id) to be able to issue related invoices.
Your managers just have to validate the invoices (or batch of invoices): the invoices are then automatically sent to the clients.

Reference tables are at your disposal to facilitate the implementation and the update

A set of reference tables reduce number of elements to be provided by the applications (issuing orders for invoices). For instance clients profiles, articles id with label and description, price and applicable VAT, various offers (with oe without rebates).
These reference tables can be updated by automatisms, or via direct entries.

The invoices can be tracked with an accounting event.