Bank solutions

Lead bank or sub-participating bank, you are facing new challenges with the regulations while new services are awaited by your clients. Our solutions provide you with an intelligent intermediation for interbanks exchanges which also supports new needs (XML conversion, new formats of exchanges, reportings…) for your Clients and the Administration.

  • Interbanks Exchanges

    Converse in normalized formats, SEPA XML (ISO 20022), whatever the format of your internal (legacy) flows!
    Your Information System is SEPA compliant with limited impact on your existing applications : APToSEPABank solution converts files which are received from the clearing system (CSM) in ISO 20022 formats (“pacs” SEPA Interbank format) into your legacy or internal files formats. It also converts your responses (R-transactions) into normalized formats for CSM.
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  • Support services

    Easily manage the new requirements of Regulation: for example the generation of statements, as XML FATCA file for the mandatory statement of American citizens’ bank accounts. Facilitate the fees invoicing related to the services you provide to your clients : thanks to our Portal services invoicing module.
    Taka advantage of the transposition service of (former / new) bank accounts, which gives time to acheive merging-acquisitions, translating incoming and R-transactions in the requested bank account.
    And coming soon, a solution to manage bank mobility for your clients.
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  • Clients Portal, corporates or professionnals

    Your clients can deposit files (or enter manually) payment orders at any format(.csv, MT) and get back standardized files. Your client will also be able to view all the transactions of his accounts.
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